Small Groups

At Christ Community we have three priorities: know, love, and serve God and others. 

We accomplish this through worship, small groups, and our Manna ministry. Our hope is that every single person who attends Christ Community would do those three things: attend our worship service, participate in a small group, and volunteer with Manna or another ministry such as children’s ministry. We believe small groups are key to both discipleship and community.

The following small groups are offered for all — anyone can attend. The groups are multi-generational, diverse, and welcoming. Feel free to bounce around until you find one that is a good fit for you. Let us know if we can help! I 925.685.4343

Sunday Morning: 9am at the church. Leaders: Larry Hagberg ( and Gene Nossa (

Wednesday Evening6:30pm at 1809 Paul Lane in Concord. Leaders: Sandra & Tomas Navarro (

Small Group Material:

How to Read the Bible

Small Group Leaders Worksheet

Luke Study Guide

Luke Poster

Bible Study Worksheet (You'll need a new one of these each week.)